Traralgon Lions Club, Traralgon, Victoria, Australia, District 201V3


Catering CrewOver the past few years, Traralgon Lions Club has learned how to do more than the traditional sausage sizzle.

Our catering crew can comfortably cater for any number of customers from a few to many. Some of the smaller BBQ's involved only 2 members with only a trickle of customers to serve, but we are not daunted by numbers or variety.

Our Australia Day Breakfast menu for example, ranges from cereal to a traditional cooked breakfast including scrambled eggs & bacon. We generally serve over 1000 people in 2 hours!

The Farmers' Market menu is extensive and starts at the traditional Egg & Bacon sandwich and culminates in Chicken Snitzels with "the lot" - a feast of significant proportions.

Our catering is a significant part of our fund raising armoury and we are proud of the abilities of our "chefs".

The club has all the approriate permits from Latrobe City and we have tried most things over the past few years.