Traralgon Lions Club, Traralgon, Victoria, Australia, District 201V3

Senior Citizens Christmas Party

Senior Cits party 2011

About 37 years ago, our club decided that we could help the seniors of our town celebrate Christmas by holding an afternoon party with food, frivolity and entertainment. We sought the help of local businesses to either help fund the party or provide small gifts to give our seniors.

The response was enthusiastic and we have held the Annual party ever since. The venue was originally a school hall and we eventually graduated to the Traralgon Arts Centre with over 300 people enjoying a great afternoon of food and entertainment.

We progressed from there to the Sports Centre at Lavalla College where plenty of room allowed the numbers to remain high despite some extreme weather on occasions.

The Ulysses Bike Club came to help us during this period and we are extremely thankful for their enthusiastic assistance.

The party has now settled in to the Premiere Function Centre and we are extremely grateful to Danny and his staff for their support. The ticketing system is now entrenched and you need to watch carefully for the flyer (appearing closer to the date) for details.